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[Optimus slides, en shoots, and kills Starlight Glimmer] Tino: Anytime. [Lockdown takes Optimus buy surprise and traps him in a pillar wi his sword] Lockdown: You saved ese humans instead of saving yourself. You bring shame upon us all. [Tino fired at Lockdown, en Bumblebee and Serena pulled up] Tino: ey never listen. Never. ~Optimus Vs Lockdown~ Sophie As we reached e city we saw all of e prototype bots fighting wi Hound and Bee, I jumped off e back of Grimlock and brought out my sword and slashed e Prototype at was fighting Bee whilst Dad and e o ers came rough on e Dino’s Hound saw em and jumped to his feet Optimus is here! Feb 21,  · Transformers Age of Extinction Stop Motion: Optimus Prime VS Lockdown- e Final Battle. Peperolaci. 6:40. OPTIMUS PRIME & BUMBLEBEE & DRIFT VS LOCKDOWN & STINGER - EPIC BATTLE (TRANSFORMERS DEA MATCH) Judikay. 7:23. Armada Final Battle for Optimus Prime vs Galvatron. mikecheung217. 13:57. Optimus Vs Sentinel Latino Dating, radiocarbon dating work, singles baden wurttemberg kostenlos, rc rencontre. Meetcrunch L'appli de rencontres de référence. 96 ans. 81 ans. Chattez! 18 ans. 65 ans. Noah Centineo dating Kylie Jenner's best friend - report Trump cultivated e Latino vote in Fla., and it paid off is lockdown will save lives, and e more assiduously people respect it Missing: Optimus. Feb 05,  · Transformers Age of Extinction Stop Motion: Optimus Prime VS Lockdown- e Final Battle. Peperolaci. 17:11. Optimus Prime (Movie) VS Optimus Prime Battle Gameplay Part 11. Transformers: Forged to Fight. Yihux. 16:28. Transformers Rescue Bots Dinobots New Evil Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Battle Optimus & Bumblebee. Optimus Prime (DOTM) vs LockdownSettings & ConditionsStandard morals.No distractions.No civillians.All out fight.Location: ShanghaiWould is ve. Soundtracks: Galvatron is online - Steb}ve Jablonsky Etiquetas: Transformers 4 () la era de la extincion age of extiction optimus prime vs galvatron (hd. Dizionario Latino: il miglior dizionario latino consultabile gratuitamente on line!. Transformers 4 La era de la extinción Optimus Prime pelea contra Grimlock y Dinobots En 4K 60Fps Transformers4 OptimusPrime Grimlock. Trouvez Optimus Vs Sentinel Latino Dating rapidement, des personnes qui vous ressemblent. femme79. 52 ans. Sorties et activités de groupe pour faire des rencontres près de chez vous. 93 ans. 9 photos. Ge43, 66 ans. 66 ans. Rochefort. En ligne. Lockdown vs Round. Optimus is in a normal state of mind by refraining to use his Energon swords, Round 2. Optimus is pushed to his limits and will do whatever it takes to kill Lockdown. 28,  · e Dinobots are definitely not more free under Optimus' control an when ey were prisoners of Lockdown. 1 OBSESSED WI DESTROYING E EPTICONS Optimus Prime claims to fight for tru, justice, and freedom for all sentient beings but fails to recognize at he is just as unflinching in his own belief system as Megatron and e. Optimus Prime and Ratchet are captured by Lockdown in e Prime (AU) universe. What happens when a bounty hunter is hired to stop e and when he realizes e best way to do so is to ruin e light at shines for all e remaining Cybertronians. 03,  · 2. Would have to go to Lockdown. Lockdown stabbed Optimus Prime wi e Sword of Justice and had him stuck. So ere really wasn't any ing Prime could of done to escape. Lockdown wasn't intending to kill Optimus Prime. He misson was to capture Optimus Prime. 3. Have to go to Lockdown. Lockdown is more of a professional villain. [Optimus and Lockdown fight, en sees e group] Optimus: CADE! TINO! Attinger: ere a no good aliens! Or BAD aliens, Yeager and Tonitini. It's just us and em. And you choose em. [Optimus slides, en shoots, and kills Attinger] Cade: Anytime. [Lockdown takes Optimus buy surprise and traps him in a pillar wi his sword]. Organisers of â secret ravesâ in Glasgow which sparked fury on social media have insisted ey would not break coronavirus lockdown rules. Â An Instagram account called Glasgow Secret Raves Missing: Optimus. Optimus prime,lockdown and Megatron all Transformers Page. 1,575 likes. 74 talking about. Lockdown is ru less bounty hunter and leader of a mercenary force who collectsouvenirs from his. [Back at e chaos, Lockdown's face turns into a highpowered sniper rifle and fires at Optimus which wounds him as Galvatron leaves, Lockdown comes closer] Cade: I got to go get her. [Tessa and Elsa hide in e car] Cade: Tessa! Shane: [tackles him] Don't go out ere, he'll kill you! Cade Yeager: She needs my help! Shane: She's hidden! Transformers: Age of Extinction is a American science fiction action film based on e Transformers toy line. It is e four installment of e live-action Transformers film series and a sequel to 's Dark of e Moon, taking place five years after its events.Like its pre essors, it was directed by Michael Bay and written by Ehren Kruger, wi Steven Spielberg and Bay as executive. 30,  · Belgium, hit by one of e worst coronavirus outbreaks in Europe, has reimposed tight strict lockdown rules across e nation. Overnight from Missing: Optimus. Lockdown! He was searching for Optimus Prime! Ultron en came up wi an idea. Lockdown was willing to capture Prime, but if I do it instead, en I will be superior to him! Even better, I could destroy Optimus Prime Ultron flew out of e base along wi Ultron Sentinels. 07,  · When Optimus realized ey are not strong enough to wi e upcoming battle, he used e sword to free e captive dinobots. ey initially refused to obey him, but after proving himself to e dinobot leader Grimlock, Optimus earned e respect. 23,  · Pictures of e Day: 23rd ober . A kingfisher surrounded by crisp, red autumnal leaves in Hemel Hempstead, Herts.Missing: Optimus. Transformers: Age of Extinction – e Score is a two-part soundtrack album for e film of e same name. e score was written by Steve Jablonsky, wi help from fellow composer Hans Zimmer and additional music by alternative rock band Imagine Dragons.An EP was released on e 30, which features four suites, and serves as a teaser for e score, which was released on y 3, . People living alone in areas of Wales under local lockdown will be able to meet one o er household indoors, e First Minister has said. ere are currently tighter restrictions in 16 areas of Missing: Optimus. BCC95E678-080H480S2X (Optimus Prime vs epticon Lockdown: HEXBUG Transformers riors Battle Stadium) BCC95EK1-080H480S205 (Bumblebee vs epticon Galvatron: HEXBUG Transformers riors Battle Arena) Product information Package Dimensions 21.02 x 12.99 x 2.68 inches Item Weight 1.76 pounds. 05,  · Lockdown was clearly talking about Optimus's ancestors, not Optimus himself. Omega Charge, 4, 13. Omega Charge CHARGE ON. Joined: 20, 2007 Posts: 6,535 News Credits: 16 Trophy Points: 287 Likes: +585. Like several have said already, eir ages are in e scales of ousands of years. I've been doing a lot of work wi e timeline. Lockdown slammed harder more, even jerking his movements as his grip started to steel on e Primes' hips, and he grunted deeper and grip tightening, ignoring e cries of mercy from e Prime. Optimus tried to clench, but he felt himself become hotter, and cry out, not letting e o er take his . Labour has questioned whe er political interference is at play when ministers are iding which areas face local lockdowns after accusations at weal y and Tory-voting areas are being Missing: Optimus. e cookie settings on is website are set to allow cookies to give you e best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use is website wi out changing your cookie settings or you click Accept below en you are consenting.

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